Equipment & Housing

Mews, Weatherings or Temporary Housing Let’s see what you have built, planned to build or come up with to house your hunting partner? Show your pictures, plans or general chit chat about where you keep your bird. Telemetry & other Tracking Equipment Telemetry and tracking tools are essential in bird of prey management. Share your equipment, experiences, share new technologies and discuss best practices. Blocks, Perches & Tethering Equipment Whether its for falcons, eagles, hawks or owls, tell us about it or discuss your best options to rest your bird on and if its used to tether, restrain or hold a bird put it here. Jesses, leashes or swivels in this section. Drone, RC & Kiting Tech Discuss the fusion of technology and tradition in training birds of prey, focusing on drone, RC, and kite usage. Share your best practices, setup, safety tips and pictures! Bells & Leather Equipment The section for all aspects of jingling and leather falconry equipment. Hunting Gear & Miscellaneous Anything you want to say about or ask on equipment. Hoods, Patterns & Transport Boxes Essential hooding techniques, something you have made, or just have questions? Show everyone what you have made, bought or invented for your birds.
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