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Eagles - Aquila Appreciation for all types of Aquila can be displayed in this section. Learn, teach and love! Lost, Found, Sighted or Stolen Birds of Prey Lets use our community to maintain a lookout for each other to help find birds that people may have lost. Members Birds Diaries, Logs and Journals Post your progression through the art of falconry, your training and all your seasons experiences here! Shortwings - Accipiter True hawks, like Goshawks, Sparrowhawks, Coopers and Sharpies. Harris Hawks The Harris Hawk deserves its own section… Longwings - Falco Falcons and their relatives, with subsections to expand on falconry’s pinnacle of the art. Broadwings - Buteo Buzzards, Eagles, Vultures and Corvids. Owls - Strigiformes The Owler’s place for talking about their cuddly little cuties. Raptor Identifications, Latin and Common Names Have you seen anything unusual or a bird of prey you need the help of members to identify? Micro Anything Micro, it doesn’t matter the species. If you thinks it micro, post about it!
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