A Warm Welcome to Falconry Hub

Hi everyone, and welcome to Falconry Hub!

As a fervent reader and admirer of the International Falconry Forum, which sadly went offline about 5 years ago, the idea for this site emerged from realising that there was a void online for a modern, structured, and dedicated space for falconers to discuss their passion.

Personally, I don’t use Facebook anymore and haven’t for many years, but I am familiar with groups as communities and the success they have for every topic conceivable. The issue with groups, in my opinion, is that they are not structured or organised in a way where threads and posts can be easily accessed on certain narrowed-down topics.

So, after scouring the internet archives and seeing the old forums’ layout with all of its categories and forums, I decided to create this Hub, recreating all of the topics and subcategories. I’m also currently in talks with ‘PH,’ who was the original founder of the IFF, and he and I are looking into the possibility of obtaining a backup of the original data with all of the threads, etc. If we manage to achieve that, which I hope we will, I will be uploading everything from all those years ago as ‘legacy data threads.’ But for now, we, the new community, have a blank canvas to start with.

I understand and realise that a forum or a Hub, with no topics or discussions inside it to begin with, is of no value to anyone. But I am hoping that over time, this site will become a central and popular online resource with lots of international users and many deep discussions on falconry, and I promise to do my part to keep it online for many years to come.

So, I ask you, to please share this site with other falconers and friends in your network. Create topics in their relevant categories and engage with everyone who registers in a positive way, and let’s try to make Falconry Hub the best online community for falconers worldwide.

Thank you, and happy hawking! :eagle:


How about a thread for people to say hi and introduce themselves, and maybe say a little about their falconry. Big empty forum might be a bit intimidating

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Hi @LittleGos … this ‘Hub Introductions’ category is the space for those type of threads/topics. So please go ahead and create one, buy clicking the + New Topic button, and tell us a little about yourself. I know its a void atm with no active topics, but im hoping that will change as more members join.