Eagle Field Meet, Feb 2010 - UK

Yesterday, the 18th March 2024 was World Eagle Day -

So i had a dig about on an old hard drive and found pictures from February 2010; when myself, my brother and step dad went to Lincolnshire for 2 days as observers/beaters - watching Golden Eagles, a Bonelli’s and even a Crowned Eagle fly at hares.

I cant remember exactly how we got invited there, maybe it was through the BFC, and I can’t remember the exact location of the event but there was a lot of walking through freshly ploughed fields!, tea and refreshments inside a beautiful hall with lots of hunting memorabilia inside, and a stay at a cosy B&B in the middle of nowhere… it was 14 years ago after all !

Those few days were definitely a huge highlight of my falconry life, and meeting and listening to the eagle lads and watching them do their stuff with these huge birds was fascinating to us.

The only falconers i knew prior to going there were Phil and Nanette who were also members of the Cheshire Hawking Club that i was a member of, but some names i recall and had the pleasure to very briefly meet, were Dr. David Fox, Roy Lupton, Chris Miller, Alan Walker, a guy called Wez (i think) and a guy called Glenn or Glynn from Nottingham… i think. One key memory was being sat one evening… listening in, earwigging a conversation that Glenn or Glynn (sorry I’m not sure which) was having with his friends about goshawks and gos breeding and a bird called Mable - it was the fact that other people from around the UK who he was talking too, knew of this bird, its life and breeding and that fascinated me and opened my eyes for the first time to the breeding and heritage of certain birds within the falconry community.

It was a great few days and i don’t even recall any hares being caught tbh :grin:, but i do recall seeing these huge birds flying at speed across the fields with us all in anticipation.

Seeing the camaraderie and friendship’s between the eagle flyers was the highlight for me.

Some pics…