Falconry club in Dubai?

Hello, this is my first post here! I would like to ask if anyone knows about any falcon club in Dubai with any option to learn about falconry without owning a raptor. I was told about a female falconry club (I’m a girl that’s why they told me about the female one) in Abu Dhabi but I am looking for something closer… I wanna learn more about falconry, I am working with parrots and have been around birds of prey before but want to improve my knowledge outside of my work environment.

Hi, yes… i understand your need - because the many commercial falconry experiences aimed towards mainly tourists in Dubai, are primarily designed for entertainment, creating a memorable activity for visitors, and an introductory education rather than in-depth training or comprehensive learning about falconry.

For someone with a genuine interest in falconry beyond the basics or seeking to expand their knowledge and skills, joining a dedicated club or association would be a more appropriate step.

I’d recommend getting in touch with some of the more reputable tourist experience companies and asking them because they might be able to direct you to more specialised groups, clubs or individuals focused on educational aspects and more in-depth learning of falconry within the region.

I’ve just had a quick look online and have come across these:

Desert King Falconry Club in Dubai - i can’t find their website but i did find a phone number online - +971 4263 5527

Dubai Falcon Centre - Dubai Falcon Centre | Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group

The Abu Dhabi Falconers Club - https://www.efcad.ae/en/ ; i know your in Dubai but it might be worth asking this club is they have a sister club in Dubai or can recommend one to you.

It might also be worth contacting the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital to ask if they can recommend any clubs in Dubai - https://www.falconhospital.com

Keep us posted on your journey, and don’t hesitate to share any knowledge or experiences you gain along the way for the other Hub user’s!

Wooow thank you so much for all this information! I will check all let’s see what I can find! I knew about the Abu Dhabi club but was not sure about it as I am in Dubai but it can always be a last option although is definitely a good idea to contact them anyways even to check if they have sister club in Dubai… thanks again, really!! :heart_eyes:

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