Falconry in the Middle East

Hello Falconers,

I am Max from Iraq. I am a falconer and I make falconry hunting episodes on youtube (Sumerian Explorer), I hunt like what my ancestors used to hunt. Glad to be part of this forum. Many thanks for Mick @martial for the invitation.

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Hi Max, thank you for posting and it’s great to have you onboard! You are the Hubs first member from the middle east, and I’m really looking forward to reading any content that you post in any of the many categories in this forum. Ive looked at your youtube channel - it’s packed with lots of really good videos!

Just a thought, but maybe you could begin by creating a topic/thread inside ‘General Falconry Discussions’ describing one of your hunting days with a link to the video on your channel. Giving the members a deep insight into falconry in the middle east :ok_hand:

Also, if you could tell your falconer friends and network about this new forum and encourage them to sign up - id massively appreciate it! We all know falconry is an integral part of the history and culture in the middle east so any new members would be welcomed :pray:

Thanks for being a part of Falocnry Hub