Field, fur, feathers in Manitoba, Canada!

Good day,

I am a falconer close to Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I have been flying ‘Shea’, a male red-tailed hawk, for almost 4 years now. He is the one and only bird I’ve trapped and trained at this point… but he has been reliable and patient with me as I’ve learned the ‘trade.’

I am grateful for a new, modern forum and hope it one day contains the wealth of falconry information that can be found at!



Hi Dave and thank you for your first post on the Hub!

Thats a nice picture of Shea on his prize, and… one thing thats really intriguing to myself and probably other falconers from the UK and Europe is the whole trapping aspect that occurs in the USA and Canada… when it comes to the flying experience and nature that the bird already has before you catch them up - i can only compare it, slightly, to the ‘hacking’ process that some breeders undertake with their young falcons. It would be great to hear more about your trapping and training experiences on this forum.

I also hope this forum might one day be as successful and, as good a resource as the NAFEX site. Slowly but surely I’m working in the background to try and get their members over to this modern site haha!