Greetings all

Hi from sunny South Africa. I hope this forum will into something we can all enjoy and find useful.

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Thanks for your message from South Africa! :blush: It’s great to have you onboard. We’re all about growing this place into something special, and it starts with members like you sharing and connecting, thanks for the post ; )

Hi all,

I am from the state of Ohio, in the United States. I am actually just beginning my falconry journey. I have passed my exam, and now am preparing to construct my mews. Interested to see where this site goes. I’m looking forward to see all the knowledge that everyone will share!

Welcome to the sport. Hope you have a great time.

Hi @Jrothwell2512 … thank’s for posting the Hub’s first public post from the USA :grin:

Would you consider starting your own thread/topic within the ‘Members Birds Diaries, Logs & Journals’ category - to chart your journey and to keep a record of your own progress as you become a falconer?

As a member from the USA, it would be a great thread - giving members from other parts of the world, an insight into the regulations and exams you have to do - which people in the UK do not. It would also be great to see the progress of your mews build in the ‘Mews, Weatherings or Temporary Housing’ category… :pray:

Thank you!

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Hello! My name is Laura, I am from Spain but currently living in UAE. I have work with birds of prey on show/educational displays… I feel passionate about falconry both at work and outside of work! I have travel to some parts of Spain to observe wild raptors (I will share pics soon) and also have travel to different countries in Europe to see raptor shows in zoos (I can also share pics of that).
I hope lot of people join this forum so we can have some very interesting conversations here.


That’s a great idea, I will start working on that!

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Buenas Laura!

Its great to have you onboard and thanks for your initial post.
I’ve lived in Barcelona for the past 6 years, and I’m on my way to Dubai next week for a few weeks so we share that in common ; ) and yes it would be nice if you could share your raptor observations and experiences with us. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!

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Great! Hope you enjoy your time in Dubai next weeks. Weather has been quite nice these days, I hope it stays like that for a bit longer before the heat comes!