Greetings from Mexico City

Hello to all falconers,
greetings from Mexico City. Actually i am not hunting with a trained raptor bird, but many years ago i hunted small birds with two imprinted females Cooper´s Hawks (Accipiter cooperii) and also i hunted small birds and rabbits with one imprinted male Bay Winged Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus).

The common name: “Bay Winged Hawk” is my favourite way to name the Parabuteo unicinctus Hawk. Its most used common name simply do not like me in anyway.

Now i am a modest hoodmaker who (from time to time) do sell mainly anglo-indian hoods to the Mexican falconers, and too to the non-falconer people who have the direct responsibility of the care of raptor birds. Also, here i do sell tethering equipment hand made by myself to the local falconers.

This is a Great Falconry w-site! Thank you for create it!