Harris and cold weather

Greetings from New Hampshire! I’m not currently flying since I’m raising a human eyass, but when he’s a little older I’m planning to get birds again. I’ve flown a few species but I’m thinking about Harris’s hawks. It gets pretty cold up here in winter sometimes (the last few have been very mild). I’m curious what strategies other people from cold-weather climates do to keep their birds healthy.

I used fur lined anklets this year for the first time. Check out Ben Woodruffs YouTube video on them. My birds breeder also mentioned using chicken coop heaters in his housing. Shelter from the wind and wet are paramount for helping warm weather birds in the cold. Heated perches are an option but they make me nervous.

Freelofting so they can sit high above the ground.
A roof and closed sides for wind and rain ofcourse.
Raising their weight a little when freezing, and weighing sometimes 2times a day as safetyguard.

But most of the time, when they predict -2degrees celcius i box them up at night. I think -5 is still safe but forecasts and actual temperatures vary do i play safe.

Fat birds, like breeding couples stay freelofted no problem.

Males are more suspectible to frostbite. juvenile and birds low on weight, and also be sure they are dried up after a wet hunting day.

Btw, have fun with your human eyass​:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: