I’m from Belgium, and a harris hawk enthusiast for 16 years now. Mainly hunting rabbits.
Crazy about hawking trips last few years, and visited the last year. Wich i can recommend to everyone.

Hope we can grow this forum together :+1:t2:

Hi harrishawk!

Thanks for signing up and for already being a good contributor to the forum, its great to have you onboard :grin: … if you have any pictures of your trip to the Czech falconry races…please share them in another category, it’d be great to see them… ; )

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I will try to find some pictures and make a post about it. Really love your initiative because i’m fed up with the fb groups and the los off the forum archives.

Greets Stijn

Thank you, Stijn!

Indeed, many users of Facebook groups may not realise the benefits of structured categories for discussions. Hopefully, they will discover the advantages of our well-organised layout in time.

Also, please feel free to share this site with your falconer friends and network. Encouraging them to join us would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your support.

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