Landrover Discovery Commercial

Over the years I’ve had quite a few cars and 4x4’s which were only used to go hunting and for the dogs etc, but without a doubt the best for the job, and my favourite was a green Landrover Discovery TD5 Commercial. It was an 03 plate with the new’er headlamps. Having just the two front seats and all that space in the back was great for anything that i needed to move or load into it. The steel bulk head remained in place for the first few months, but then when i removed it, it made the beast even better. Being able to just reach back to grab things or throw things into the back from the front was very handy.

When i got my first falcon, which was a female gyr x pere/saker from Andy Smith in Harrogate, i made a square perch for her to sit right behind me, drilled into the bottom of where the bulkhead attached too.

Some pics here - of the falcon sat on the perch, the disco in the background when out in the field training, another day when i was flying a heavy lift drone (for work), and two from a few years later when it was being sold.