Week long housing

Hi all I’m going to be going out of town for work in October and was wondering what anyone is using for temporary housing. I’ll be working during the day and want to bring the bird to hunt after work. I’ll be in a camper but no room for the bird all day female North American goshawk


Hi Nvhawker

Facing the challenge of keeping your goshawk comfy while you’re on the move, especially with limited space in a camper, could be tackled with a portable travel box that’s tailored for birds of prey? These can be quite compact and make sure your bird stays safe and stress-free on the move.

If you’re working close to your camper, you could construct a temporary outdoor weathering area near the camper. It would need to be secure though and made safe from predators, but would ensure she had fresh air and sunlight etc, but that solution would need supervision and good weather conditions.

You could also reach out to local falconry clubs or falconers in the area you’ll be visiting. They might be able to offer or recommend temporary housing solutions or even be willing to look after your Gos during the day. Falconry is a community with a strong sense of camaraderie, and fellow falconers often help each other out.

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I made a few hawking trips with my hh’s.

A good box (giant hood) is indeed necessary. I hate to have them in there too long. But they don’t seem to bother as much as i do… we had a ferry crossing and with delays etc they ended up being boxed up for 24h… they came out ready to hunt, like nothing happened.

I have one box wich has air gaps on eye height. They can see something when placed next to a window, and this way the keep the day/night ritme imo. If the bird is relaxed enough thats maybe an option. And bow the bird out before/after work as much as possible.

Keep in mind that a box and a car gets hot very fast in the sun. Depending on the season and weather you need to be careful about this.

Good luck and let us know if you find a better way :wink:

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